Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jazz, a hardware store and a flash of humor

My friend Ralph and I were on our way to dance to the Jeff Gaeth Jazz Quartet at the Hilo Town Tavern yesterday when Ralph decided to stop by Home Depot. I stayed in the car thinking Ralph will be back soon.
Minutes passed and still no Ralph. I started getting antsy.  I couldn't wait to dance and we were already at least an hour late.
I decided to get out of the car and headed towards the entrance of Home Depot.
I realized after I had stepped into the store how cavernous it was. "How am I going to find anyone here," I thought.
I stopped walking and looked around. Not one of those in the checkout counters looked like Ralph.
Then without a second thought, I craned my neck high, opened my mouth and yelled at the top of my lungs: RAAAALLLLPPPH!!!
Deafeaning silence. Everyone stopped; many eyes on me.
I started walking out of the store  laughing  to myself. I didn't find Ralph and I didn't yell. But I was   grateful for  how my imagination worked to get me to relax, return to the car and practice the virtue of patience -- something my dad once said I very much need.

God is funny!

This was the flyer for the Jeff Gaeth Quartet's world-class performance yesterday. "Forgotten Reef," a track in "Portraits," the Quartet's latest CD release was voted #1 by KJAZZ radio  listeners in Europe.
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