Sunday, June 9, 2013

ET Phone Home

"ET phone home," Fred my cat said as he came up to me one day.
"What in the world are you talking about now?" I asked Fred, knowing his propensity for coming up with the wildest ideas.
"Haven't you noticed that in the last three months, there were at least three noteworthy news  about extra-terrestials?" Fred informed me in a serious tone.
"Check this out,  in April there was news that the Jesuits  confirmed the existence of ETs. In May, a former senator and presidential candidate not only acknowledged  the presence of extra terrestials; he called for full disclosure of information about them.  Also in May, an alleged CIA agent on his deathbed talked about his experience with aliens and how the government has been keeping the public in the dark about UFOs," Fred explained.
"It appears that whatever are out there seem to be very concerned with what we're doing here on earth," Fred added with a thoughtful look on his face. 
"Hmmmm," I started thinking, "what could all that mean?" 
"I have a feeling we need not wait long to find out," Fred said with a little smile.
"What makes you say that?" I took a hard look at Fred.
"Well, give me a phone and I'll let you know." Fred laughed.




  1. You have extremely interesting conversations with Fred!! He must be the most well-read cat on planet Earth. You are so fortunate to be able to converse with him! Does he have a theory about why the extra-terrestrials are willing to conspire with our governing bodies to keep up in the dark?!?

    1. According to Fred, if we believe that the creator exists in every creation, be it a work of art or an invention, our dual nature as man exists in the whole universe because whoever/whatever is responsible for our existence is itself exposed to that dual nature. "it is on earth as it is in heaven. So Fred says that there are bad ETs and good ETs just as good and bad exists in us. Good ETs possibly cooperate with governments so as not to scare humans and prevent the possibility of chaos over such knowledge or it can be that governments are being "taught" to better govern. Bad ETs, on the other hand, "conspire" with governments to gain dominion and control fpr self-perpetuation. Fred says that we are a social laboratory of sorts and possibly a battle ground for the ETs. The fight is over maintaining or resolving duality. That's what Fred says. As for me, my job is to feed my cat, especially one like Fred who talks. haha!

  2. I think Fred is and ET. Great links Ariel, that lead to even more, interesting links. Not 'more interesting' but more, interesting. Humm, interesting.

  3. I cannot wait to meet Fred. Ariel this is Great!