Friday, May 10, 2013

A Namaste Hug

There is no way I can forget that hug. It was incredible!  I'd say "amazing" is the closest description I can give it.
We  had just met and barely knew each other.  Our previous two or three hugs were only cursory greeting gestures.
The last time we hugged was something else. We were like magnets. The experience was similar to eating a dish for the first time.  Silently we tasted and savored each other. Then  I realized that his repeated mmmmmm...... were but echoes of mine.
There were no fireworks.  No thunder and lightning either. The connection was more like a shower of rose petals  or  the sweet sound of Pan's lone flute  from somewhere inside a wooded glen.
There were many people around us. We were in a public place.  But for a while, we were the only two people on earth. Nobody else mattered.  Time stood still.
I knew what happened. For a brief moment his peace and mine met.  His essence fused with mine.  At first we were only two bodies coming together.  And then our spirits couldn't help it and just went for each other. The attraction transcended the physical. Utterly  beautiful.
He felt like home. Yet, we had just met and barely knew each other.
But I knew what made that hug memorable. Namaste!


- Ariel Murphy


  1. Very true and beautiful post!
    +Robin Dudek aka +Canine Rocker322

  2. A rare moment of time experienced while reading your blog.

    Well Done.


  3. **Nameste my friend, much love and light pauly**!!!!!