Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An old soul

She was born about 60 years ago; but I believe that wasn't the first time. Judging from her wisdom and insight, Carol must certainly be an old soul. What she told me today must have only come from having had numerous ring-side views of  life and all it brings and does to nurture or kill faith in another person.  
"Focus very hard on what you really want and then go for it. Doesn't matter what you choose, just make it something that makes you feel good not bad," Carol said  today, the anniversary of her birth.
She was born about 60 years ago; but I believe that wasn't the first time.
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  1. Carol is a great friend. I'm very happy you know each other.

  2. What a sweet sweet person you are! I feel so happy that I could make such a fine friend so late in life. Thanks for loving the world the way you do!!! And me too!!