Monday, May 4, 2015

The door to La La Land

A lot of times at night, I have this nice idea for a blog. I get excited as I think about it. But somehow by morning, what I was so eager to blog about had completely disappeared from my mind. I can't remember anything at all.

Where does it go?  Where do  bits and pieces of memory go?

Is it in the same bin heartaches and heartbreaks go?

Most likely not. I  can reach into that bin for a heartache and look at it again. Feel it again. Turn it over, upside down and inside out again. See if it still hurts.

But I touch only air whenever I reach inside that bin for a blog idea I can't remember.  If it isn't in that bin where heartaches and heartbreaks go, where could it possibly be?

Maybe it went to La La land.  Never to return. Erased. Gone. 

I should  deport my heartaches and heartbreaks to La La land.

And just to let you know La La Land is not a mere figment of my imagination, I took a picture of the door leading to it.

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  1. Yes indeed. So many good things disappear in la la land. Yet those hurts and heartbreaks just never seem to go away. I guess emotional attachments can be overwhelming.

  2. Heartache and love run hand-in-hand in well-tended parks.. Blogs are a beast afield.