Thursday, November 14, 2013

Climbing walls - confessions of a cigarette addict

The other day, when I celebrated an important "th" birthday, I decided to quit smoking cigarettes. Again. It has been an off-and-on thing with me.  I've quit in the past only to resume smoking again.  For about five years -- from 2006 to mid-2011  I was not smoking.   Then I met someone in 2011 who smoked and that got me into cigarettes again.
I've been dependent on tobacco whenever I need to think and write about anything.  Having to do without the nicotine rush drives me  nearly insane and climbing walls. 
For the past several days, I've had to ask friends to distract me from my cigarette cravings, especially at night when I write my blog.
I'm afraid I just have to kick my nicotine addiction this time and for good. I have decided to make this both a public confession and a commitment. That way you can hold me accountable. 

Besides, I have a hunch that the other side of the wall is a much prettier place than the one I'm in now.
As I make a mantra of what is in the graphic below, I ask for your prayers and vibes of support. Thank you!

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  1. A very wise and brave decision. I'll do what I can to back you up.

  2. You go, girl! A very good idea. You really are halfway there!

  3. Bravo, m'lady - You have this Knight's full support - Call on me 24/7 if you ever need encouragement to "NOT" light up !

  4. Seven weeks and counting. Great job Ariel. You are more than halfway there.