Friday, November 1, 2013

Finding something new

One reason I like social media is the ability, without having to board a plane,  to exchange feelings, ideas, thoughts with people from all over the world. Below is a sample of one of those exchanges.  It is about finding something new.

 It is amazing to me how I can read something again and gain something different than I did the day before. Just as it amazes me that we each read a comment or post and understand something a little different. I suppose we take what we need at any given moment or time. Taking a piece of the thought with us on our journey.
The same goes for music. Sometimes you hear a little something different the next time you listen to a song or instrumental music. The same can be said of people. Spend time with them and you see a facet of their character that you've never glimpsed before. Being able to discover something new even from the old is one of the joys in life and another indication of just how amazing our capacity to find beauty is. We are such wonderful beings. Thank you for sharing your insights +Abhishek Anand 
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  1. This blog post brings to mind one of my all-time favorite quotes..."The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." Eden Phillpots
    How blessed we are in this day and age to have technology that facilitates the accelerated sharpening of our collective wit!!
    Intriguing blog, Ariel!

    1. Technology, mainly cyberspace, is most everyone's window to the world and a way for people across the globe to interact with one anoher without leaving the comfort of their homes. Always something new to be found there! Thank you for your comment Paul!

  2. Good one Ariel. We have at least 5 wonderful senses. Considering that each sense can perceive the same object differently at different times, confirms that the opportunities for finding/experiencing something new are endless

  3. Very true Mary. Besides, there is supposed to be a 6th sense, which I think plays a significant role in the process of discovery.

  4. The sum of all the 5 senses is 6th sense