Thursday, April 17, 2014

A parody: shoes and Filipinas

Whenever anyone I'm talking to finds out that I came from the Philippines, I am invariably asked: "So, is it true that Imelda Marcos had a lot of shoes?"
And I say with an arched eyebrow: "Yep, it's true; and so?"
Well, I have this illusion that I have at least as many pairs of shoes that Imelda  Marcos had (has?) although I keep them in mere shoe racks unlike Imelda who, when she was First Lady of the Philippines,  kept her shoe collection in a special air-conditioned "shoe room" below her bedroom.
Filipino women love shoes...and dresses....and well...everything else that go with them.
But we also  love making fun of ourselves and our predilections.
So when I saw this poster about New Yorkers.....

I thought I'd make  and share this.....

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  1. I can't remember the last time you threw a shoe at me! I DO remember you throwing shoes (and caution) to the wind a number of times, however! Essentially, your sanguine equanimity is a model of decorum.