Thursday, October 23, 2014

Terms of endearment

People use many names for those they are fond of. "Babe, honey, sweetheart, darling, sweetie" are just some of those names.

Prince Charles of England and his wife Camellia reportedly call each other Fred and Gladys.

Heir to the British throne Prince William is called "Big Willy" by wife Kate, who in turn is "babykins."

Others have rather unusual terms of endearment. A friend, for example, calls her husband "Hobbit."

Another friend says her partner is "Yoda."

I used to call someone I was involved with "gorilla." My late husband was "bear."

But I like  best the French's "mon canard."  The term means "my duck" and ties in very well with one of my favorite French dishes -- duck l' orange'.

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  1. I had a friend who constantly blurted: " Everybody loves a duck!" I am not sure what he meant....but it made me laugh!

  2. I think I know your friend, I see the resemblance. Babe, honey, sweetheart, darling, sweetie all sound familiar; is there a female version of "mon canard"?