Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Month Series #10: The Three Sisters

I have 3 sisters. Pia is the livewire of the three. She is highly intelligent and has impeccable credentials as a psychologist and businesswoman. Yep she can talk. And talk. Even for hours.  I've often had to plead with her to go home at 4 AM after hanging out with me the entire  night just talking, even when I am busy and hardly listening. She's hyper, like a waywardly spinning top. All you need to do to punish her is gag her and put her in a straight jacket. I call her my tempest in a teapot.
Lou has such lovely long hair! And an equally lovely insightful and evolving spirit. What can I say. She's just lovely! You'd think she's a major stockholder of Facebook, from the way she generously dispenses inspiration, encouragement and yes, her refreshing pictures. Like Pia, she's hyper and, when brimming with joy, bounces all over the place generously hugging and kissing everyone (eat your heart out!). There were times when she sat on my lap, entwined her arms around my neck, and kissed me full on the mouth. Whew! Almost made me want to be like Cher's daughter. Truly, she is beautiful inside and out. I call her my Rapunzel. 

Ana is the sane one. She had long ago figured out that the only way to keep Pia from spinning and Lou from bouncing around was to make them laugh. She does that by being audacious like loudly announcing: "I'm getting laid!" That always got their attention. And quickly! People who think she's rather aloof have never seen her dance, which she does shamelessly and like an idiot, no matter where or when. After she finally gets tired of flapping around, she promptly falls asleep, no matter where or when. Once, her face almost fell on the steaming soup set before her had the dinner host not gotten to her quickly enough. I call her Erin, as in Brokovich.

All my sisters carry life-inflicted scars and still-bleeding wounds. Yet they manage to be  joyful most of the time,  are profoundly spiritual, and continue to struggle higher in their evolution. Blessed with depth and incredibly open minds, they have a  capacity to delight in even the seemingly ordinary and to laugh with others as well as at themselves.

I am grateful for and celebrate such interesting and wonderful creations.
Thank you for being in my life Pia, Ana and Lou. You make me laugh and you make me cry.

 I love you!
Ariel with two of her sisters

Here's a song that my sisters like:

- Ariel Murphy


  1. What a wonderful description of your Love for your sisters. And you must also be part of the dancing troupe, yes? I loved the song and the video is terrific too. Have added it to my YouTube songs list & subscribed to the channel! Thank You so much! May you see many shooting stars tomorrow tonight :-) This is the first time I've checked all of the reactions, except (?)- no doubt in my mind!

    1. Pete, the only shooting stars I'll see tomorrow night would be if a sledge hammer is banged on my head. haha! I'm glad opu liked the song and the video. It's one of my faves. Thanks Pete for your comment. I appreciate it.

  2. ariela, nice family. i am much better looking than cher's daughter. definitely give Lou my facebook please (suggest friends if you will).
    i checked the '?' by the way. i think that we should sometimes, 'why not'.
    ~robert zito

    1. Sorry Bob! "Lou" is not looking. None of the sisters are. You'll have to try someone else. What's "?" I don't understand.