Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love Month Series#14: The Dance (Guest Blog by Jan Hotchkiss)

The Universe trembles as the music begins
The Ying & Yang circles within
Divine Masculine & Feminine comes in play
Something new is happening this day

Around and around and closer they drew
Keeping time to the music for little they knew
that a brush of a hand and a look in the eye
would magically make fireworks fly    

                                         Moving in spirals the first lovers tease
while dancing together with infinite ease
soon to become a lover's embrace
full of wonder, awe, passion and grace

They come to behold a strong sense of desire
as music undulates softly and sets their hearts a fire.
then the music pulsates, creating ripples through time
for the lovers to linger in the undulating rhyme
and, in turn, creating all space and time
Wonder, oh wonder... oh wonder that be
that this joining of opposites  now is free
to be in a magic moment of sweet ecstasy
caught in the rapture of the lover's embrace
and an opening to an orgasmic place

Holding each other and feeling as one
they linger, not knowing what had began
The music and dance moves into forever
Holding each moments of their Love together

                                                 The magic of this wondrous union
lives in the hearts of each man and each woman
to share the sacred dance with each other
And honoring the divinity in one another

Painting by Marc Chagall. Source:

- Jan Hotchkiss

Ariel's Note:  Born and raised in California, G+Jan Hotchkiss now lives in Hilo, Hawaii where she does therapeutic massage. Her passions include photography, swing dancing, music, spirituality, and interior design.

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