Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Loony Bin : In Surreal and Deviant Mode

One night I dreamt
I was in a place
Where all the people smiled.
They came bearing gifts
And then took me for a ride.

We went to a banquet.
I ate the food offered,  plate after plate.
I  drank the wine before me.
I danced to  brisk music. 

Then I found too late
The food had worms, wriggling
The wine was spiked with hemlock. 

All the people had shadows
Each wielding knives
Wildly prancing to the music
Screeching eerily off-key.

All  were watching
With glacier eyes
And no longer hiding
Their sinister smiles.

I thought it a strange nightmare
Until I saw on the floor
Dark blood oozing
A plucked eyeball staring widely
And my heart
Stabbed then butchered still quivering. 

I woke up dying
In every possible way I can
My mouth wide open in a silent scream
Then with relief I realized
I was in the loony bin.

- Ariel Murphy


  1. I really like the 3-D illusion of that photo.

  2. I also like the graphic for the same. The poem captures the intesity and darkness of a nightmare. I read through it several times to fully capture the feeling.

  3. "And my heart
    Stabbed then butchered still quivering.

    I woke up dying
    In every possible way I can"

    I LOVE these lines...pure genius, Ariel!!