Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A menage-a-trois

Yesterday, a friend and I decided to treat a lady birthday celebrant- mutual friend to dinner at a local Thai restaurant. We had a crispy fish dish, a seafood salad, and two Thai curry dishes.  I had asked for fish sauce on the side and my date asked for Thai hot chilli sauce.
The restaurant does not charge a corkage fee for alcohol brought in by guests. My date brought a white and a red.
We started with the white wine and then went on to the red.
Maybe it was an effect  of both the wine and the hot chilli sauce but for some reason after opening the Merlot, my date deliberately placed the bottle  in front of the birthday celebrant with the label purposefully positioned right where the other lady wouldn't miss seeing it. 

Photo from
No dishes flew. No chairs were broken.
Men (as I roll my eyes) Sigh!
They sure make hilarious blog material! :)
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