Sunday, March 9, 2014

The road

The road to love can be long and rough, even scary. All sorts of monsters show up along the way.  The most formidable is an adroit shape-shifter called the Ego.
Like a dragon spitting fire, the Ego spews globs that target your eyes and turn them blind.   A small bit of goo on your skin can quickly numb your whole body.  Its sting is a potent drug that causes illusions of grandeur and, like plaque, hardens the aorta and transforms your heart from a blood-filled life-sustaining organ to a potentially fatal coronary.
Only a Medusa-like stare can trump the ego.  You see it never really dies. It lays low after losing a battle and when you’re not watching, its treachery rises again. The ego is everyone's phantom sniper.
Once you are able to best the Ego you’re on your way to love. You’ll know that you’re in the right direction when you reach the Forgiveness train station.   Be sure to take the train going to Acceptance.
But it’s a tricky track that loops a lot. Most times you end up right where you started and are again confronted with the Ego, whether or not you are aware of  its many camouflages. The trip is a never-ending constant struggle. 

You walk the walk  until you know, with your whole being, that you're either in love or in perdition.

Ariel's note: This blog is dedicated to a close friend, with whom I've lately been having  some pilikia.

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  1. One foot in front of the other...."the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Love and Light to you, Ariel!

  2. and light! I need a lot of those. Love and light to you too Sir Paul! Mahalo!

  3. I am beginning o think that all journeys eventually form a circle, Ariel Murphy. A nice shape, that. No rough edges. Maybe we all end where we began...

  4. Well said Ariel.
    When two egos collide, the fireworks begin.

  5. Well written! You are awesome Ariel... A pleasure to read your blog as usual, and always hitting the mark!
    How wonderful!