Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Depth of Field

I remember how, in a team building exercise, my group was asked what we saw in a picture. Some of us thought we saw a crone. Others noisily disagreed and argued they saw a young lady.
Purposefully and artfully done, the picture (shown below) was both of a hag and the side view of a youthful woman.  
That lesson in selective perception is related to "Depth of Field" in photography. What the photographer decides to be his focus is sharper and seemingly nearer in distance than the rest of the picture, which is gradually blurred. 
Imagine your mind as a camera. Then tell me: What is your love like?
-- Ariel Murphy


  1. Geez...I am fuzzy at all settings! Haha. Not really. Nice post!

  2. Thank you Mitchell Hegman. And I'm rather cross-eyed. haha!