Monday, November 19, 2012


Last Wednesday evening found me and some friends at Uncle Robert's in Kalapana. We went there to listen  and possibly dance to a popular band called "Koele."  Surprised at the number of vehicles and lack of parking space, we found out in no time why. There was a night market and food, drinks and music galore. The place was jampacked. 

One vendor had a black round  fruit I've never seen before. "It's Jabotica," said the enterprising lady who noticed my interest. Not one to pass up a chance to try something new, I purchased some of the fruit and promptly popped one into my mouth.
The skin was silky and very firm on my tongue. I bit and was delighted with the burst of sweet-slightly tarty juice and the feel of the soft flesh. As I put one fruit after another into my mouth,  I thought of how it was much like some people I know -- tough and seemingly forbidding on the outside but warm and yielding inside.
After finishing the whole bag of Jabotica, I happily danced like an idiot to the music of the night.

 -- Ariel Murphy  

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