Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What if? Part 2: Evolution

There is an on-going argument between those who believe in evolution and those who think otherwise -- that we are creations.  I am considering that the two beliefs can be reconciled.

What if we were first fish and then an ape until we are the man-form we are now.

What if Evolution and the Big Bang are really parts of an Intelligent Design.

What if hell really means being in a state of no love and eternal damnation is being consumed in perpetuity by fear, greed and hatred in a never-ending cycle of anguish and pain.

What if heaven is not up there or out there but in our heart, a place of love, joy and peace.

What if evolution is meant to be a continuing process   and man, as we know ourselves now, is meant to gradually transform, like an upgrade, until there is harmony between flesh and spirit.

What if we have been intended to metamorphose into beings of wisdom, of pure love, peace and joy?

What if ultimately we become the very image of the Creator?

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  1. Replies
    1. Sometimes I think of giving this up. Yet sometimes I feel I must continue, if only to get stagnant and sluggish waters flowing until there is a mightiily roaring ocean of consciousness covering the world. I'd like to think that you were "used" to get me to be of use. Thank you for encouraging me to blog. Your compliment to me is mine as well to you. Aloha and Namaste Mitchell Hegman! Hmmm....maybe I should change that to Alomaste! haha!

  2. Of course. Simple and plain. People overvalue trying to prove anything when in fact that is quite impossible. We can assign causes after seeing effects but getting back to the true root is deeper than the senses. Closer to the root is the senses themselves and how they developed to make an organism have "will". Sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell are all only limited and finite tools to analogize something. The more time between objects and sense the farther removed we become from the source. Truth only exists in the brief moments where doubt disappears and those moments are brief with so much contradictory information. Just remember...the information is only deciphered by weak tools--the senses---and the information too is only an analogy.

    1. In what you said, we are mirrors to each other Greg Anthony. I definitely agree. We do not know. We are limited. We can only sense, intuit. And yes, there are brief moments when we think we know and have finally found an answer. Wisdom or enlightenment? Who knows? To paraphrase what you said, both the information and the "tools" we use for receiving/discovering/discerning them are insufficient and limited to the extent of our capacities. Not withstanding that nothing is of course absolute and that even truth is relative, we can always try to use whatever we have, in our current form, to try to understand more, to delve into the mysteries and dare articulate what we make of them. Who knows what that could result into? Perhaps there is a purpose. And even if there is none, the very act of making an effort to transcend our limitations, our many boxes and labels, is for me, a beautiful thing in itself. And maybe finding meaning, beauty, goodness and hope is just what it is all about -- possibly a step in the process of our "upgrade." Who knows? Thank you Greg Anthony for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.