Thursday, October 10, 2013

What new idea do you want to experience?

I thought I'd share this with you. It was written by  Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon of the Spiritual Living Community. 

[Science of Mind founder Dr. Ernest] Holmes contends that the greatest discovery of all times was that the individual could think. The next greatest discovery, therefore, must be our ability to think anew. This “newness” is the catalyst for the involution of everything else. Simply put, everything becomes the result of a new idea, a new concept put firmly into a field of creation. The greatest tool we have in this is imagination.

Every great discovery in our world was first started as an imagined idea. Everything began as a previously unexperienced thought that through persistence, awareness, and conscious application eventually became form.

New ideas are not created; they are recognized. More often than not, they are recognized by intuitive and contemplative acts of surrender. They are not new—they have always been there, and through the individual mind open to the recognition, they find form.

What newness in your experience would you choose to bring to life? Health, wealth, creative expression, loving relationship? What new idea do you want to experience?
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  1. I think it was Descartes who said "I think, therefore I am." Thinking appears to separate us from other species. Clearly it has brought us from living in a pure survival mode to one of many opportunities and experiences. Yet too much thinking can get in the way of how we experience the wonders of life. Like everything else, it should probably be done in moderation.

    1. Some people tend to overthink and I know that's both good and bad. It is good when it leads to new knowledge, or to enlightenment, even wisdom. It is bad when it dissipates peace of mind. When I catch myself overthinking towards the wrong direction I stop. Or at least I try to. I can eat and drink in moderation but how can I think in moderation? Maybe meditation should help. But I think that you might agree with me that there are some things in life that cannot be done in moderation -- loving. There are no gradients to love. There is no such thing as pure love or impure love. One cannot love a little or love more. Either one loves or one doesn't.