Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What if? Part 3: starseeds, Homo Novus and the challenge to awaken

Only a few days after I replied to a question that my friend, Paul, commented in my blog about extra-terrestials (link below) and only a few weeks after I posted a series of "What If" blogs (links below), I came across  a video that articulates my exact same intuitive thoughts about the universe, other life forms, and humanity's future.
The video below may seem a bit long but is definitely worth watching and thinking about, if only as an exercise in getting out of our many boxes, labels and "programming."  Entitled "ETs, souls, and the coming global shift," the video might just lead you into thinking that there's really more worth pursuing  in  life than just  "food, sex, and a good night's rest." :
Here are some statements (almost verbatim) made in the video that I felt were significant:
-  "If we can release many of the judgments and human fears that color our understanding. It allows us the freedom to explore, and examine possibilities, such as the true nature of human reality. Quantum physicists hypothesize that the Universe is holographic in nature and everything is connected within this matrix.. If that is the case we could discover we are all just souls playing different roles, in the same cosmic dance."
- "What I have discovered from cases world wide is that there seems to be a far broader ability that suggests that we are being contacted on many levels of consciousness."
- "There are a lot of metaphysical names given to these children. They are the ones saying to me that they are not afraid of ETs but that they feel that they are family. And they don't understand our world and our cruelty to one another."
- "2012 to 2017 is the crucial time. There is something going to be profound. Earth changes. Dramatic enough to change a great deal in the way our world is orchestrated from a socio economic status because of the shift in human consciousness."
- "The awakening.  Timing and trusting that when it's time, you will know what you need to know. To know too soon would be disabling.  There is a sense of an impending huge change. Something we would need to trust that the soul will know exactly what it is doing."
- "I believe that humanity --  that we are all being challenged to grow and to change. Some of us are open to it and some are not. We can choose to be high-frequency or low-frequency people."

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  1. Bless you Ariel, for having the time and interest to pull all of this together! Only your clarity, focus, and intuition could have made this possible. The seeds of Utopian thought were planted in my mind and heart years ago - I'm sooo thrilled to see the seedlings beginning to spring forth and turn their faces to the sun!! As a dear friend of mine is fond of saying...."Keep doing what you do it's appreciated by all"

    1. Thanks Paul for your encouragement. Much appreciated.

  2. Aloha Ariel . . . the shift in consciousness in our time rattles many. Why? Centuries-old myths are crumbling.
    Myth 1: we're slaves to material things.
    Myth 2: we're slaves to powerful beings.
    Myth 3: we're slaves to time.
    Myth 4: we're slaves to linearity.
    Myth 5: we're slaves to dimensions.

    Beings who cling to ancient ways of surviving will remain in this cycle until they 'see' and 'know' their immortality combined with their divine sovereignty. Thus, my passion to teach ways to learn, laugh and grow more awake and aware with every passing day.

    Feel free to share my 250+ free classes at - any time ;)


  3. I believe humans are currently less cruel than at any other time in history. The more we are able to break the them/us barriers, the more we are able to accept others. [One example: Interracial marriages are a major mover in this area, not just for those who marry but also for their extended families.] The more we are able to change Institutions that promote divisions the more we will be able to live at peace with each other. I applaud everyone who works toward this goal.