Sunday, October 6, 2013

What if?

I saw these two graphics, which are not mine. And then the video was brought to my attention.  It is a bit long but I hope that you will watch it till its end. I saw the graphics and the video within a span of about 7 days, one after the other.  I  thought them to be all interrelated and the manner and timing  they came to me as no coincidences but as simply and wonderfully, synchronicity. 

Source of graphic: From Quarks to Quasars. Photo credit: Ben Canales

Source of graphic: EWAO (Earth We are One), a community on Facebook

If you cannot open the video here's the link:

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    1. I, a mere messenger, have the honor. Thank you, Peter! Thank us! Thank you Universe!

  2. Wow! That is Fantastic! Thank you Ariel. Love it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Gay Lynn!

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog and your encouraging comment Beyondinfinity but I wish you would let me know why you sayI am on the right track. Aloha!

  4. Lovely to have this conversation with someone whose interests are so diverse.
    So here's my reaction to this post. Feel free to use this as you wish.
    Writing this helped me get my shit together on why I remain a skeptical scientist. Warning:Wall of Txt ahead.

    Rational Awe
    - been cogitatin' on this all day and did watch the sonic geometry video all the way thru (only because they never used the word sacred)- I'd watch it again on a decently large screen.

    ever since I 1st stumbled thru the dark stacks of my uni's library as teenager I've never quite known what to make of such esoteric metaphysical treatises (especially numerology). Lord knows there's several lifetimes of research now sitting right here on my laptop today. Suffice it to say that I have treated (ignored) this kind of thing as a rabbit hole leading nowhere useful (tend to be pretty pragmatic, myself).

    So, that said, the whole music - numerology things is fascinating; and, in fact, we have a local expert (Dr. Len Horowitz - Steam Vents Inn) who will tell you that the important frequency is not 432 (=9) but 528 hz . A bit hazy here but, he talks about a whole different scale of phenomena - more on the personal scale. Don't get me started on matters of scale - I'll bore you to tears.

    Oh well, I really can't resist ... that amazing picture you posted comparing human cellular structures with galactic scale phenomena (both are very recent revelations) is to me more amazing than anything dreamt of by any esoteric philosophy or mainstream religion. And, the likely mechanism for this was shown clearly by the math/science that evolved in the 1980 - 90's. Fractal & Chaos theory could then be loaded on a desktop PC to clearly show that extremely simple starting rules, thru nothing more than multiple iterations (i.e, time), would lead to very very complex structures with very complex functions across the full range of spatial and temporal scales. Now this is especially poignant when you consider what was discovered in the late-1950s: that we are all, in fact, stardust. But none of this necessarily leads to any religious or even spiritual convictions - it does lead to what I've come to call rational awe.

    1 thing I will say about the sonic geometry video is that this kind of numerological analysis of music can in no way lead to any kind of universal language (IIRC - they mention this upfront and it never comes up again, right?). why? even within our ears' narrow range of frequencies there is a large number of key or fundamental frequencies (20 - 20,000 HZ) upon which to build scales. Now, raise that huge number to the power of 8 (the octaves of western music) or12 (the basis of eastern scales, right?) and you've just created an even bigger pool of possibilities than we have today with our 10,000s of tongues & dialects. And why would we even pursue such a thing as a single universal language? The entire basis of life, as we know it, is predicated on the power of diversity, which drives evolution. It's clearly more important to preserve linguistic diversity than to pursue something like Esperanto.

    1. I do like rational awe, which for me is an attempt using logic to break from limitations of knowledge and imagination. But even logic has its limitations.

      Many in the science field thought Horowitz a nut. And maybe he is. But I thought that Horowitz single biggest contribution was putting forth the idea that there is a frequency that corresponds to something we can all universally relate to (I wrote this blog about it:

      I thought that what was imporant in the sonic geometry video was the possibility of a universal form of communication underlying and despite our linguistic diversity.