Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Dolphin Google and Facebook friend?

Animals certainly have a way of changing our realities.

I came home late yesterday weary from work.  Fred, my cat,  met me as soon as I walked into my house.  

"I know you've had a rough day but let me tell you  something that I'm sure will perk you up," Fred purred as he nuzzled my leg.

"It better be good," I told Fred as I carried my glass of merlot and flopped on my couch.

Fred lost no time and jumped on my lap.

"Soon, we will be friends on Facebook and Google+"! Fred told me excitedly.

Fully aware of Fred's very colorful and wild imagination I said: "Please, not now Fred.  I need to chill."

Fred moved his face close to mine. I winced at the distinct odor all the while wondering if all cats smell that way.
"Listen. I'm not making it up. Soon we will be internet friends. A scientist involved in Dolphin research,  one of the creators of the internet, a well-known singer, and many other scientists have been working on an inter-species internet," Fred announced as he jumped off my lap and disappeared into a room.

I quickly downed the rest of my red wine and quickly went for the bottle of whiskey on the kitchen counter. I didn't bother to get a glass.
Suddenly Fred was back on my lap and waving a piece of paper in front of my face.

"Here," Fred said while pointing at the writing on the paper, "check out this link and you'll understand why you'll soon have to find time to teach me how to create my own Google and Facebook accounts."

I viewed the link. 

And took a large swig of whiskey.



  1. Has Fred always had opposable thumbs, or did he just evolve those?!? Gary Larson will be thrilled!!

  2. Sounds like you have already mastered the interspecies communication with Fred. Maybe the secret is the merlot and whiskey. Would love to know what animals are thinking. My bet's on thoughts of food, sex and peaceful rest; in that order.