Monday, August 5, 2013

Being Spiritual

I am not the author but I liked what was said. So I made a graphic using Fred, my cat's best photo,  and thought I'd share the whole thing with you. Please do not be bashful. Share your thoughts and comment.  Thank you!



  1. At the spiritual gathering I attended yesterday, the talk was on 'vitality' and the 'cycles of life'. The meditation was on the notion that we reap what we sow. As the saying goes..."We're not human beings having a spiritual experience...we're spiritual beings having a human experience." I view my human experience as the time of harvest...I'm reaping what I sowed in my spiritual though I were presented with a checklist of options when planning my human experience, and I checked 'All of the above'. I can't know pain, if there is no pain. I can't know heartbreak, if there is no heart. I can't know transcendent ecstasy, if there is no body to transcend. I can't know abundance, if there is no lack. I can't know longing, if every urge is met. I can't grow, bloom, and share the fruit of my growth without a little nurturing.

    "You're so loved by the Divine!" is about as nurturing as it gets...takes the pressure me permission to be fully make a few mistakes - to make the same mistake over and over until I get it me the space to realize that it's not a mistake, but a lesson.

  2. If making mistakes is an exercise in spirituality, I'm a very spiritual person.

  3. I think no one is perfect but you shouldn't take for granted the Grace we have. What I mean is that we have to walk, talk and act like a Spiritual person. We are created in the all mighty image! In deed, if one does not set the example of a Spiritual person one can not be called Spiritual...Can they!??
    Have a relationship with the Lord and let Him be the judge of who you are...