Monday, August 26, 2013


I was blessed yesterday when  a friend and I  went to the local Sunday Farmers' Market. 

It was a sunny mid-day  and people were milling all over the place. Most of them, however, congregated at  the designated area for eating where a 10-member band played  jazzy rock-and-roll music. 

Good vibrations emanated from the enticing music,  the variety of food offered by vendors, the relaxed demeanor of people of all ages, and the sunny morning.

My friend and I lost no time in joining people dancing to the band.

I could tell that the band was energized and inspired by the audience's participation.

After my friend and I were spent dancing, we bought and  enjoyed a Thai green papaya salad and  organic fresh  fruit shakes.

Later, as we were leaving, we bumped into  Auntie Linda, a local personality, who excitedly told us her joy for the day.

She said that she started the day not knowing what to do. She didn't have the money to even buy food for her pet dog.  She made leis of fresh flowers and brought them to the market. By the time the market was winding up, she had enough money to buy food for her dog and a little extra to treat herself to some green papaya salad.

She was grateful.
And like Auntie Linda, I was grateful for a wonderful Sunday of fellowship, music, dance, and good energies.

I took the photos below of some market scenes using my "smart phone."

The band

People eating while listening to the band

Dancing to the band's beat

pineapples and bananas

costume jewelry being sold

fruits and vegetables

especial home-made soap

a vendor selling local honey

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  1. I'm grateful for the vitality I've been blessed with. And being grateful for the simple things is a great way to magnify that vitality!

  2. I'm grateful for the farmer's market and the opportunities to enjoy it with close friends. The organic kale is ono as are the vegie juices. Good food, good music and good friends.

  3. Great pictures & good times - I'm grateful for my health & everything the Universe brings my way.

  4. Thank you Peter, Paul and Mary for stopping by and commenting. But when are the three of you singing? :) Cheers!