Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some Never Awaken



  1. I'm Awake! and Loving Every Minute of it! Thanks Ariel. Another Great Blog.

    1. Honestly, sometimes I feel very much awake but there are also times when I feel like I'm sleep-walking. And that is probably why I'm here, blogging and talking about light and love. I don't want to just exist. Hope, trust, love whether or not they are but illusions or mere creations of our imagination -- are useful in making sense, in finding meaning. in keeping sane in what can otherwise be a turbulent, harsh and crazy world. They are useful in enabling me to live rather than just exist; and in enabling me to rise and love instead of wallowing in the depths of bitterness, pain and darkness. They are useful in helping me grow and evolve. Do I have a better alternative? Maybe yes and maybe not. I continue to seek but for now I choose to be in light and love. And they serve me well. I opt to be awake as much as I can. Thank you Gay Lynn for stopping by, for sharing your thoughts and for encouraging. I am in gratitude for who you are.

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  3. I just saw this blog about awakening written by Eckhart Tolle. I got so excited and decided to share. Here's the link:

  4. Interesting juxtaposition...Eckhart Tolle and Anais Nin! Personally, one represents a complete immersion and surrender to the 'higher, or spiritual, self', while the other represents a similar immersion and surrender to the 'carnal, or earthly, self'. I embrace both with equal enthusiasm!