Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photo Gallery - The Art and Love of Rinus Bakker

Today I'm sharing with you the photography of Rinus Bakker.  His work caught my attention not only because of the attractive quality of his images but also because of the love and spirituality shown in the captions   that he had created for many of his photos.   Some  captions are playful. Some are in poetry. All indicate a deep connection with  humanity and nature.  Please enjoy the art of Rinus Bakker!  

Being in peace
Growing beautiful together
Reflecting each others beauty
Shining your awesomeness
upon the world around

Wishing you the softest sleep with colorful dreams

May the sun brighten your path
The flowers grow at your feet
May there be softness in your heart
Health, love, happiness and peace.


Be gentle. Be reminded that the human soul is as delicate as a flower.
You will look more beautiful when all around you are also flourishing.

The world we are longing for
will be when each of us
takes responsibility
to leave our egos behind
and be guided by the purity of our soul
No more words to mislead
No more words to hurt
No more turning heaven into hell

A thread of beauty, one follows another on and on
This is only a small part.
Our actions, one beautiful action triggers another and another and another

We all have to grow our own way
Everyone is beautiful
But never forget the source
It's the only one that feeds us all

What are you doing right now?
Take it easy
Just lay down
in the grass
feel, smell them.
Listen to the crickets
the birds are singing to you.

This is me after I started my computer and saw the many kind and sweet wishes that you have sent me

My child I love you, I protect you, I teach you, I care for you
I defend you, I offer everything for you and if you are ready
I'll let you go and still you can count on me for ever.
You are the most beautiful on earth. You are my child

Open your heart, open your arms and dance
If someone takes advantage dance away
Dance with the light even in the middle of the night
Never lock yourself in but dance with pride

Just quickly passing by
Only to say hi and bye
have a wonderful day
and always be remember to stay
Happy because you can't add
to your life one single day
by worrying or feeling sad
Stay happy!

Waiting for good luck can take a lifetime
While opportunities are passing by
But are we prepared to do what is right?
Without taking the first step, there can be no journey.


A wonderful day to all
Just natural beauty
Fly like a butterfly
Land only for the best.
Be happy, be free.

Overlooking the vastness of the lake
her transparent waves with a touch of green
Attacking the shore followed by teasing withdrawals
The Mountains calmly looking down
Like a wise old man at children's play
Behind them the Gods silently preparing
Another spectacle of thunder and lightning
They will blow it over the ridge to cool us down
before the night comes to take our burdens
to carry our souls to the fields where they graze
Until we wake up to learn another lesson
How many of us will find ourselves
On the tribunes of the madhouse
How many of us will stay confused
By the countless voices of the ego
How many, tell me how many.

Whichever way you choose to go
All streams return to the source.

But now it's time to go

Changing all the time; never boring.
I hope to inspire you
To embrace Mother Earth
With all her beauty.
It's free. It's there.
Waiting for you.

Ariel's Note: Rinus Bakker could be described as a romantic-realist who finds beauty in almost everything that crosses his path. To see more of his work, please visit

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  1. Loved the photos & the statements - excellent discovery, Ariel! Thank You!

  2. Beautiful Ariel! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Very nice thoughts and pictures

  4. Thank you Pete, Gay Lynn and Mary for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it!

  5. Beautiful set of photos, Ariel. You DO have an eye for talent!!