Monday, April 27, 2015

A case of the rubber meeting the road

I'm proud of myself. Why not? For someone  once described as "feisty" by a friend, I stayed unperturbed after receiving a nasty email the other day from someone I had helped (gratis et amore) but who associated me with a group that the email sender was not happy with.

I was hurt. I was indignant. I was insulted. I was ready to hit my email's reply button and counter attack with  a sarcastic and scathing response.

But I guess I'm "growing." I've always talked and even blogged about vibrating at a higher level; of raising my consciousness; of being loving. Easy to say; hard to do.

How do you love someone who attacks you without provocation? It's a no-brainer, isn't it? You just fight back! And immediately. 

Fortunately the better of me prevailed. I decided to sleep over my predicament. And I'm glad I did.

By the following day I felt less aggrieved. I had better control of my emotions. I had reined in my ego.

I no longer imagined the email sender as the most offensive person ever. I saw her, instead,  as another part of me -- fractured, vulnerable to mistakes, and with an ego as big as mine. I zap her I zap my own self.

The tequila helped too. The more I drank, the more my mind's vision of my tormentor's face seemed sweetly smiling and angel-like  and less of a demon with black wing, glaring eyes and hooved feet. It is a technique marriage taught me. Whenever I was upset with my husband I would imagine him as an angel trapped on earth and who has assumed both the good and the bad in a man. That would quickly cool me off.

I let the offending email remain answered. I  did not retaliate. Instead, I detached myself from my experience and looked at it as a test of my convictions. It was a choice between being inside of Love or being separated from it.

I'm happy with my choice and its ensuing feeling of having been unburdened and freed. I realize  that if I repeat the same process of transforming destructive emotion into good feeling with every person who upsets me, I will be furthering the wave of Love across humanity, even if only by an inch at a time.

I've got the power and so do you. Let's not just say it. Let's use it, especially when the rubber meets the road.

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  1. Well done on the blog and in the handling of the events that brought the blog to you!

    1. I savor your compliment Mitch. Mahalo!

  2. Much easier to say than to do [especially for me.] Well done Ariel.

    1. Believe me Mary, it was hard for me to do too. Thanks for your compliment. I am encouraged!