Friday, April 17, 2015

Two men, a lady and synchronicity

Sometimes when I don’t know what to do I just let things take their course.  
 I didn’t know what to blog about and whiled away my time in front of the computer jumping from one site and webpage to another, depending on what took my fancy.
There was an article entitled, “Where are They?”  about why the  existence of extra-terrestials would be disastrous for mankind.  I was titillated by the author, Nick Bostrom, when he said:
 For surely it would be the height of naïveté to think that with the transformative technologies already in sight–genetics, nano­technology, and so on–and with thousands of millennia still ahead of us in which to perfect and apply these technologies and others of which we haven’t yet conceived, human nature and the human condition will remain unchanged. Instead, if we survive and prosper, we will presumably develop some kind of post-human existence.”
Imagine a post-human existence!
On another site, I watched a video of a dolphin swimming for a number of days  with  its dead calf on its back. The image made be wonder about the capacity of other creatures to grieve
Can a dolphin really feel sorrow?
Here's the video of the dolphin:
After checking out the page about “18 celebrities with false teeth” – and I was getting sleepy at that point—I  realized there was something emerging from the webpages I’ve been reading.  To simplify things, let me just say that surely there was no coincidence when—let’s just say—that 3 among the 6  web pages I read shared a common theme.
Clearly, I was given a suggestion about what to blog.
Two men and a lady, in different parts of the world, stuck their necks and their pockets out in service to others and humanity.
I do not know what prompted Swedish millionaire Johan Eliasch to spend $14M of his own money to purchase from a logging company a chunk of the Amazon forest  for preservation but  I imagine that he was fully aware that keeping that forest in tact was never going to benefit his bottom line, except if we’re not talking about money.
In the United States, young and successful entrepreneur Dan Price was apparently not a fan of  Walmart’s economic philosophy (tighten your belt, drool and hang your tongue, business comes first!).

Apparently, Dan Price has a conscience and genuinely cares for his employees’ welfare.  He slashed his own salary by a hefty 93%, from $1million down to $70,000 a year,   so that he can raise that of his people. Price believesin living simply and things  that cutting back on non-essentials is not a big deal.
While riding a train in Sydney, Australia, young Stacey Eden bravely stuck her neck out against bigotry. She defended a Muslim couple from the merciless tirade of a  fellow passenger  who, obviously thinking  that all Muslims are the same, blatantly accused the couple of being  ISIS fanatics.  
I wonder if there is a profound beneficial impact on society if mass media reports more acts of goodness than the current diet it gives of distractive stories of celebrities and their love affairs and cosmetic surgeries.
In his article “Where are they?{,  Nick Blostom talked about the possibility of a post-human existence down the road.
Down the road?  People get past their humanity every minute and right under our very nose.
With each act of kindness and selflessness, we transform, even if only temporarily,  into  what we’re truly all about – beautiful expressions of God.
I  am  amazed at the synchronicity -- at how the Universe conspired so that in discerning the pattern and content of what came to me while I was surfing the net,   I am able, through this blog,  to amplify a message of hope for our strife-torn and environmentally deteriorating planet.
All it took were two men and a lady.
I am grateful.
A waterfall in the Amazon forest. Photo courtesy of
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  1. There is hope. There are some very fine people out there. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. A trip through the brighter side of humanity. Thanks!