Friday, December 14, 2012


A rancher had a horse that he loved like family. He fell in love with the animal from the moment it was born. He named it Velvet, after the colt's soft gentle eyes.  

The rancher raised Velvet like he would his own child until it grew to into a magnificent white steed.  He trained Velvet to jump, prance, kneel and even lay down at his command.  In every horse show, Velvet garnered top trophy. 

But one day,  in the prime of his life Velvet contracted EHV-1, a kind of equine herpes,  and died. The rancher was distraught. 

After months of grieving, the rancher decided to look for another horse.  He went to a nearby ranch, checked out the horses for sale, and decided he liked Chance enough to take him home. 

Chance had a mellow and playful disposition. He and the rancher got along well. 

But the hole in the rancher's heart made by Velvet's demise remained fresh. Although he treated Chance well, the rancher was unable to give Chance the same kind of affection that he lavished on Velvet.
Sensing the rancher's melancholia, Chance eventually  became a sad horse.  Chance just never stood a chance.

 -- Ariel Murphy

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