Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flying Saucers

The geeks of Silicon Valley purportedly came up with an idea that could literally make flying saucers a reality. Not content with an internet that transmits information, they are now thinking of a drone-powered cyber space that will make it possible to deliver objects.

We've seen drones deployed in war-zone areas to observe situations that may be too dangerous or  are located in inaccessible terrain. They have also been used to strike deep inside enemy territory.

Unlike trigger-happy hawks, the geeks have a noble intention. They cited as an example, urgently needed medication and blood samples which, they say,  can be had faster than if they were  to go through surface delivery.

The non-combat use of drones just may be plausible considering that they are said to be less costly to build than airplanes and even roads. According to a case study, it will cost about $900,000 to set up a network of 150 drones and 50 base stations in Lesotho versus $1 million for a  one-lane road of 1.24 miles.

Imagine looking up at the sky and seeing blue skies or even a rainbow obscured by hundreds of drones.

Imagine seeing metal instead of a flock of geese headed south.

Imagine drone-poop dropping on your face.

Source: CNN


-- Ariel Murphy

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