Thursday, December 27, 2012

Turn the Other Cheek

I couldn’t believe how  anyone  could  have been  so rude.  My friend’s sister has been ignoring me for some time now. She wouldn’t even look at me. Never mind  if I had provoked her anger or had been obnoxious, I did not and was not.  Really! In fact I hardly saw her. Yet every time I did, she was just plain coarse.  I truly initially liked her and was even prepared to like her even more.
Not being used to uncalled for and certainly undeserved boorishness, I  withdrew and just kept quiet  every time the lady was around even if I was really hankering to let her know of a certain four-letter word that just sounded like a sonata to my ears.
At the very least, the lady’s brother was appalled at his sister’s behavior.  He said that she had lost friends within the last 10 years because of changes in her demeanor. 
 And then it dawned on me that the lady quite obviously has issues.
I told her brother that often the very people who are hard to love are the very ones who need it most.
What I plan to do next time I see the lady is to tell her “f---k  you”! And then give her a hug and tell her that I love her.
-       Ariel Murphy

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