Monday, December 17, 2012

Walls and Fences

Walls and fences have varied purposes.   We often use them to create or maintain privacy. They can also be built to protect, obstruct, divide, etc..... The list can be endless.

There are many kinds of walls. They can be of brick, cement, mortar, wood, plant, wire, cloth, etc. The most common, however, are walls made of air.

Those walls are invisible but palpable. You may not see them but you can certainly sense them, either sooner or later.

Air walls can be deceptive, especially when they're camouflaged by a smile. They may even seem like a vibrant rainbow.

You can walk right onto those air walls without even realizing it and crash.

If you end up with only a huge ugly lump on your forehead and a moonshine on your eye, consider yourself lucky.

Photo of unknown man from Photobucket

-- Ariel Murphy

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