Friday, June 7, 2013

An Encounter at the Oasis

The room I was in  opened into a garden and, beyond that, a meadow and endless  sky. I took in the way the fading afternoon sun cast light on the clouds and the greenery beneath. I sensed the energies of the trees, the grass, the person I was with and everything else around us.
The universe paused. The feeling that a convergence was taking place was palpable. as if everything  else that afternoon was the prelude for this moment.

Before I even realized  it, "you are loved," thrust through my consciousness, flew out of my lips and settled like a soft fragrant shower of rose petals all over the room.

I held the other's eyes  then moved my face backward so I could take in his totality.

I saw the man -- skin, flesh and bones  of needs and desires. He had a court jester's garb and a juggler's cap. Using a conductor's baton, he drew circles on the sand in which he placed carefully chosen pebbles.

Yet I detected the divine. His robe was a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors. A wreath of laurel crowned his brow. His arms were outstretched perpetually reaching for worlds far past what can possibly be comprehended by lesser imaginations.

"I was told to let you know that you are loved," I assured him.

For an instant, we were each other's flawless mirror -- seeing in the other what no eye can detect.

For an instant we were one with the pulse of all eternity.

For an instant, the beautiful messages of affirmation were resoundingly clear.

"You are not forgotten."

"You are love and loved.

I held his hand and smiled at my fellow traveler, enjoying the peace. Time stood still.
Later, as if abruptly wakened from sleep, I gathered myself to leave. The power of the experience shook me to the core. In a daze,  I  sought the safety of familiar territory.
As evening crept in, I left the oasis and resumed my journey grateful for the moon on the horizon.

Photo by Ariel Murphy


"If, since all phenomena are ultimately pacified beyond all mental constructs, one sees no probandum whatsoever to be proven, and yet at the same time still perceives certain characteristics of an authentic relative reality that contains substantial properties to be abandoned or accepted, that is an extremely inappropriate apprehension, and a cause for amazement." - Rongzom Chözang





  1. Very interesting,helpful & imaginative !

  2. You are love and you are loved. Interesting how even a very positive, powerful experience can sometimes cause us to seek out safer, more familiar territory.

  3. Sounds like you had a refreshing experience at the oasis! Loved the vivid imagery! Very nice