Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photo Gallery: Landscapes Seen Through the Eyes of Artists

Today I'm featuring various landscape photography.   The photographers are sharing how they see our beautiful world. Please enjoy!

By Alistair Nicol

By Will Austin

By Thomas McFly

By Hanspi Char

By Alvin Ing

By Wayne Reynolds

By Ole Salomonsen

By Chris McGowan

By Alex Bazeos                           

By Jan Stria

By Dave Tomek

By Kikuyua Africa  

By Bryan Lippincott


By Lim Boon Tek

By Jesse Summers  

- Ariel Murphy


  1. My paripatetic soul wonders where each of these vistas is, so that I may wander to those places, and experience those wondrous vistas wih my own eyes!! Thanks for some beautiful inspiration, Ariel!

  2. What beautiful photography & scenery! Thanks, Ariel!