Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coinicidences and Synchronicity

Puzzled by by a series of "coincidences" that have happened to me lately, I received yesterday an article about synchronicity which I thought I'd share with you.  The article was sourced from Earth, We are One.  Links to the article and videos are provided at the end of this blog.

Synchronicity for someone on the spiritual path is that moment in the fabric of time when we suddenly and briefly become consciously aware that we have made a deeper connection with the universe or that which is greater than our individual self. Those not yet familiar with the concept of synchronicity would most likely pass off these moments as mere coincidence. 
The theory was first presented by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. He proposed the idea that when multiple, meaningful occurrences happen, it is not coincidence but a type of psychological and spiritual experience intended to guide your soul force into motion.

A synchronicity is designed to give us a push in a general direction. In what direction may not be initially revealed but with a trusting connection to our intuition the path can sometimes be obvious but it is up to us as individuals to make the decision to follow.

Synchronicities are responsible for bringing people and events into our lives seemingly at just the right time. This is why they are considered by many to be nothing more than coincidence, however there is no such thing as coincidence if you believe in synchronicity.
Although synchronicity has never been scientifically proven it certainly doesn’t mean it does not exist. Intuition cannot be scientifically proven, neither can many spiritual concepts but most if not all people have at some stage in their lives seen how their intuition has guided them in some way. They may not know how it could have possibly happened but known for sure that something unexplained scientifically most definitely took place.
Synchronicity is like gravity in a way, you can’t see it but it is definitely there and the more you open yourself to becoming aware of synchronicities as they appear in your life, the more of them you will notice.

Carl Jung believed as many others do today that you are responsible for your own synchronicities. Your habitual thoughts on both a conscious and subconscious level combined with your day to day actions cause you to manifest synchronicities into your life in a manner directly related to the law of attraction.  
Subconsciously you know what you want and through your subconscious beliefs you attract events or synchronicities which if followed will lead you to places where you will learn the important life lessons you need for your journey. It is important to remember that not all synchronicities will lead you to a place that you consciously want to be.
However, by following those synchronicities you learn new lessons that are beneficial to you in the long run although at first it may seem you have made an unwise move. For example, you have been pondering the idea of opening your own business but feel you don’t have the experience or the resources to make it work so you don’t make any plans to move ahead with your idea. At the same time you are not happy in your current job and desperately want to leave. 
All of a sudden a synchronicity occurs, so you follow it into a new job that you believe will make you happy and you will gain more experience that may help you to open your own business later on. 

At first everything seems to be going along just fine when one day your boss comes in and tells you he is closing down the company and you no longer have a job. This causes you all manner of stress as you can’t find another job and you wish you had never quit your old job.  

However, since you have the time anyway, you begin to work towards setting up your own business while you continue to look for a new job but eventually you manage to start up your own business and after a lot of hard work, it pays off and you realize if it wasn’t for that initial synchronicity you wouldn’t be in the position you are today.

This is one example of a synchronicity leading you to a negative place before a positive one but in my experience I believe most synchronicities, if followed intuitively, tend to improve your position in life sooner rather than later.

Synchronicities are happening for most people on a daily basis but most of us are so tuned in to our problems and worried about the past or the future that we don’t recognize the synchronicities when they appear. Synchronicities are not only related to the law of attraction, they are also directly linked with the law of vibration.

Each individual vibrates at a certain level, the more positive and happy the person, the higher their level of vibration. Negative, unhappy or angry people usually reside on a lower vibrational frequency. With a positive outlook and an open mind your higher rate of vibration serves to manifest positive opportunities or synchronicities much faster than those vibrating on the lower frequencies.

Synchronicities are going to lead to a change that will transform your life. Often they are just a guide or like a warning bell to keep you on the right path and stop you from wandering into the abyss through a lack of focus. Dreams and premonitions which precede a synchronistic occurrence are usually positive examples of when you should take notice and follow them intuitively. 

At the moment a synchronicity occurs it is like the merging of a persons subjective and objective realities or in other words, when what had previously only been seen from inside your mind’s eye actually appears on the outside or in your physical reality.

Albert Einstein discovered with the law of relativity that everything in the universe is made of energy vibrating at different rates, the more dense the matter the slower the vibration. He equated and it has been proven scientifically that if everything in the universe is made up of energy, everything must in some way be connected. 

Synchronicity reveals how we are intrinsically connected to our seemingly dense material world through our conscious and subconscious thought patterns.
Our thoughts control our reality and the collective consciousness which we are all part of is like an organizing principle that brings us together through synchronistic experiences which help us all to evolve on both our physical and spiritual journey through eternity.

The bottom line here is, keep an eye out on a daily basis for even the tiniest of coincidences and know that what may seem insignificant at first glance could be a wonderful opportunity just waiting for you to take action. It could be the synchronicity that leads you to the place you’ve always wanted to be. So maybe dreams really do come true.

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- Ariel Murphy


  1. To be in tune with the Universe, it's systems of planets & movements,gravity & interactions to me is proof of synchronicity and is predictable, both for negative and positive changes. One must just be open to it, as our ancestors were thousands of years ago. Loved the videos (Northern Exposure was always an old favorite of mine) Great Blog, m'lady !

  2. I elected to be open to the synchronicity of a number of recent events. Events that were totally out of the ordinary. The path that openness has put me on is, at the moment, far less than comfortable or joyful. Hopefully, in the long run, it will be the right path for me and a significant other.