Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Way of Seeing

"But that is so unlike you!", Fred said.

Fred is my cat. Yes, my cat. He talks. He has much wisdom. Or so he thinks. As far as I'm concerned, he just has a lot of guts. 

"Unlike what?", I replied as a look of exasperation started to form on my face. Heck, you can't imagine how Fred is an expert at carrying on conversations.

"It is so unlike you not to make barbed comments on those political, economic and ridiculous Miley Cyrus-like stories you see on the net," Fred  said.

"Well, I try hard to stay positive and prevent  those stories from stealing my peace, although I couldn't help it in some cases when I get really upset," I replied after looking at Fred with new eyes. The cat sure is observant. Now if only he sees mice as closely as he sees me.

"I like to keep my comments positive and less critical. And if I have to criticize I try to do it in a kind way. Although it is difficult for me to be kind and loving whenever I see injustice, inequality, bigotry, oppression, greed, etc., I try not to post insulting comments.  The fewer angry people there are,  the better our world will be. Besides, hate only begets hate like violence only begets violence, and fear begets more fear. It is a subtle but vicious cycle of war where the fight is over gaining control of one's spirit. I refuse to allow gunk to clog my heart,"  I explained passionately while both my hands went up and down with each key word, like the emotional Italians tend to do.
Strangely, relief came to me after answering Fred. The sound of my own words felt like an exceptionally good pee.

But Fred was no longer listening. Apparently, he had seen a mouse and lost no time going after it.

I just love Fred!

One of Fred's many poses. Photo by Mitchell Hegman

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  1. Sometimes you just need a new perspective on things

  2. Ariel said, "I like to keep my comments positive and less critical."

    I'm right there with you,

    the world has way too many critics and too many haters. It's so much easier to criticize than it is to see the path our brothers & sisters have trodden ... and even more difficult to understand why we should be, perhaps, lovers?