Wednesday, September 4, 2013

At the Zoo

I visited the local zoo the other day. I had wanted to see a newly born white monkey and an albino zebra but failed to see them. I however enjoyed my visit so much it felt like I was with family. And I was able to take photos too although many of them didn't turn out well. Here are the ones that were not spoilt.

Jose, the Llama, is sometimes brought to the petting section of the zoo.

People tried to extricate a zoo visitor's red cap from this bird who swiped the cap with its  beak.

This bird likes to swipe caps/hats

Don't you just love this bird's eyes?

I couldn't take a photo of this golden pheasant without the wire fence

This is Kuhina, a Nene Bird that is native to Hawaii and an endangered specie.  Kuhina rushed to the call of a friend, who was once a volunteer at the zoo. It was amazing to see how Kuhina remembered my friend and made cooing sounds as it was being petted.

Kuhina, the Nene bird, without the wire fence

A wild red "guayvie" fruit found in Hawaii is on the claws of the green Macaw who will later share the fruit with the red bird. Even birds know how to share!

A Monarch butterfly caterpillar. Can you imagine this later turning out as a majestic beauty?

Two lovable donkeys who were very eager to make friends

Donkey and Ariel kissing.  His smell wasn't so bad. And nope, he didn't feel like anyone I've ever kissed before.

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  1. Fun blog, Ariel! The donkeys are fastidious about their personal hygiene and are always careful to brush, floss and rinse after every meal. Did you notice their fabulous teeth?!?

  2. Great fun photos and comments - Thanks, Ariel!

  3. Wow! Peter, Paul and Mary are all here! When does the concert start? :) Thank you Peter, Paul and Mary for stopping by and sharing your comments!

  4. We could all sing "Puff The Magic Dragon" at the Zoo :-)

  5. Nice! Makes me want to go back to Panaewa ASAP! The Zoo also has a great botanical collection of palms & tropical rhododendrons - Great photo ops - and no cages

  6. Thank you Peter, Paul, Mary and Douglas for stopping by and sharing your comments! Appreciate it!