Tuesday, September 3, 2013

La Luna Llena

"La Luna Llena," Spanish for " the full moon," is a favorite.  I dedicate this song  to a friend whose birthday is today.  Please enjoy!

Please click on the link below  if the video above does not load:

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  1. Loved it - very talented guitarist!

  2. Ariel,
    Mahalo for that! Your blog shows the power of social networks - I'd never have found that in a million years of surfing the 'nets.
    Christopher Parkening meets Jea LucPonty, only thing missing was a flamenco dancer.

  3. So, I cannot find my overview of the deepest Puna art scene but here's what happened in the 1st week of sept 2013.
    I left my abode over Kehena to find:

    Sunday nite Sept 1 - Kalani
    8 Bird dancers flying high & falling low over Blue Star Octave
    Tonite I saw, a creative dance journey thru the evolution of flite.
    the dancers were birds, they left the floor… and ascended long tall silks
    1st try - only 2 birds successfully struggled to achieve flite
    2nd try - 4 birds showed mastery of the airs above the ground, followed by a
    3rd try - an explosive diversity of bird-flite, which included mating dances, but
    - was met with violence & death.
    4th try - after conferring on the floor, the fallen birds lit up and up and up; then danced to Blue Star Octave (pain and joy)
    Wed Nite - Uncle Roberts Nite Market

    Down to earth , our basic down-home market with a full contingent of cooks, painters, jewelers, dancers and fools
    The Awa Band did not disappoint, their renditions of Makaha Sons and 1970's country filled the dance floor, again.
    Fri Nite - Kanaka music nite
    … what will be, will be