Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The rock

There was once a boy who started to collect rocks. It all began with his late grandmother's rock collection, which he always examined on his daily visits to the old lady. He liked to hold them in his hand and feel their texture. The colors and shapes just fascinated him.
One day, when she could no longer get out of her bed,  his grandmother called him and, showing him  one rock, said: "take my whole collection with you when you go; but first,  tell me what you see in this one."  
 The joy the boy had on his face quickly turned into a mute questioning gaze at the old lady with the soft eyes.
Even in his old age, the boy never forgot that moment when his grandmother gave him a treasure in more ways than one.
His grandmother smiled at him fondly and said: "Look at it closely; even a rock aspires to be a cathedral."     

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-- Ariel Murphy

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