Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flowers for 36 years!

I was at the cashier's counter at Albertson's Supermarket in Medford, Oregon the other day checking out  my purchases  when the guy behind me called my attention.
"Is this the right one?" the guy asked while pointing to a bottle of Thai sweet chilli sauce. He probably did not hesitate asking seeing that I'm Asian.
"Well," I said, "it depends on what you will use it for."
The long and short of it was that the sauce was good for practically anything and I quickly assured him that he got the right bottle.
And then I couldn't help but notice the bouquet of roses among his purchases and told him how lucky the recipient is.
The guy said: "My wife and I have been married for 36 years now. She deserves flowers even if only once in a while."
I wanted to give him a big hug.
He said his name was Mike Loritano and took pains to let me know that he is Italian-American.  He and his wife Gayle have three (3) children, seven (7) grandchildren,  one (1) great grandchild, and a lot of flower-deserving love!

Posted with Aloha from Albany, Oregon
- Ariel Murphy


  1. One of the best stories, ever! Love the picture!

  2. Very cool, 36 years and he is still buying her roses. Some people know how to do it right.

    1. There is always time to learn the "languages of love." Thanks for your comment, Mary!