Monday, September 30, 2013

Clamato juice

Fred, my talking cat, just announced that Monsanto is allegedly  working on a project to put clam genes into tomato plants to make the production of clamato juice cheaper.  But so far Monsanto has reportedly been frustrated,
Apparently,  the shells that form around the tomatoes only open during high tide.
It is said that Monsanto's  biggest problem was the circadian rhythm of the clam genes causing Monsanto's migrant workers to have to wait until past midnight for the clam shells to open before they could harvest the tomatoes inside.


Fred: Yeah man, you better believe it! Photo by Ariel Murphy

Posted with Aloha from Albany, Oregon
- Ariel Murphy


  1. I would have thought Fred would prefer tomatoes that have clams inside them. Good thing about harvesting after midnight is it's a lot cooler than working in the heat of the day. Oh well, I prefer V-8, guess that's the next challenge for Monsanto - a tomato with the qualities of 8 vegies.