Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Delicate Balancing Act

In a video I watched (link available below), a woman positions a feather on a long stick. She adds more sticks to it and manages to make the whole arrangement stand by itself with only a single stick supporting it. The feather amazingly remains on the stick.

Some of the experiences we go through in life are enough to blow our sanity away. Our beliefs are shaken. Our values are put to a test.  Sometimes we lay in defeat and sometimes we remain standing as we grappple with both our strengths and our weaknesses.

Life is a delicate balancing act.



- Ariel Murphy


  1. Wonderful Life comparison to the video, Ariel - well done !

  2. Living a 'balanced' life always struck me as boring, predictable...until I saw this! Who knew seeking balance could be so breathtakingly suspenseful and exciting?!? Thanks for a moment of thrilling distraction, Ariel :-)