Monday, May 13, 2013

A Love Frequency?

I was telling Fred about a movie I had seen years ago on television. The movie was about the invasion of earth by powerful aliens from outer space. Nothing humans did stopped the aliens until somebody accidentally discovered that the aliens did not like music.  When music was played, the aliens turned into blobs that became increasingly small until they popped and simply disappeared. 

To cut the story short, men won over the aliens by playing music over loudspeakers.

Fred looked at me and said: "Did you know that there is a certain sound frequency that is believed to  have spiritual and physical healing properties?"

"I've heard about 528 hz." I said. "The proponent, Dr. Len Horowitz, actually lives right here in Hawaii.  He calls  528 hz as the universal love frequency  which scientists ridicule  because it can't be proven."

"But there's proof it works," Fred insisted.  "The 528 hz frequency was successfully  used in the Gulf of Mexico to clean up oil-polluted waters."

"Get off it, Fred," I said laughing. "If there's any truth to the so-called  Love Frequency,nobody would get sick and die. We'd all be living forever not to mention most likely in Pluto since Earth would be terribly overcrowded."

"Do you believe that you and I are having this conversation?" Fred asked as he started pacing the room typical of grandstanding lawyers in the movies.

"Duh," I was emphatic as I rolled my eyes.

"But does anyone know I'm your cat?" Fred had that smug look on his face that lawyers have after exploding a bomb on the opponent's case.

"Listen, babe, just because nobody has ever heard a cat talk  like a man doesn't mean there couldn't possibly be one."

For more information about the "Love Frequency" please click on the following links:

- Ariel Murphy


  1. Interesting stuff, Ariel! With an unexpected kind of writing!! My fascination with frequencies started the first time I heard a set of wind chimes tuned to notes in a Partch scale. The vibrations ebbed and flowed over one another, creating harmonics that reached to the depths of my being. 30 years later I can still recall the exhilarating relaxation those tones generated in me.

  2. Don't know why, but I'm thinking of the "Pinball Wizard" and those who are deaf - hmmmm...

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  4. I meant to post another view of this...

  5. please suggest a sample sound 528hz.(audible?)

    1. How about these?