Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spooky Energy

While sleeping one night, I dreamt of Z, an ex-boyfriend. I could not fully recall the dream except that Z had a peaceful quality about him.
The following morning I  was  surprised to find an email from Z. Until then, I  had no communication from   for almost a year after he  went back to the US mainland while I remained in Hawaii.
I shared the strange incidences of the dream and the email with John, a friend.  I also told John that there had been times,  after Z and I had separated, when I felt a yearning  for Z only to find out later that at the precise moment of my longing, Z was experiencing a similar desire for me.

We were apart. We were not seemingly communicating. Yet, we were one at a particular point in time.
Interesting isn't it?
John said that my experiences had to do with some kind of "spooky energy" related to the String Theory of quantum physics.
 Please don't look at me. I flunked Physics 101 in college.  Only once.  Whew!
But thank you Google! 

"Quantum mechanical formalism, when taken at face value, compels us to consider that two particles that have once interacted always remain bound in a very strange, hardly understandable way even when they are far apart, the connection being independent of distance," said  The Guardian, a link to which I supplied below this blog.

The following "simplified" description quoted verbatim from Scientific American also helped me make sense of  "spooky energy":
  • Matter can assume many forms other than solid, liquid and gas. The electrons that perfuse materials can undergo their own transitions, which involve inherently quantum properties of matter. Superconductors are the best-known example.

  • These states of matter arise from an unimaginably complex web of quantum entanglement among the electrons—so complex that theorists studying these materials have been at a loss to describe them.
  • Some answers have come from an entirely separate line of study, string theory, typically the domain of cosmologists and high-energy particle theorists. On the face of it, string theory has nothing to say about the behavior of materials—no more than an atomic physicist can explain human society. And yet connections exist.
Connections exist!

Here are links that you might want to use as reference:
- Ariel Murphy


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  3. Love the Einstein quote and graphic!! It's spooky how the universe works, huh?!?

  4. Love it and have experienced it. Thanks, Ariel..

  5. I didn't do well in college physics either, but am still fascinated by it's progress...

  6. Faith & belief.The human mind even though unmindfull can manifest what lies deep withen.unknown,hidden in the crevises of the brain and heart.