Monday, May 6, 2013

What We Teach

A friend asked me to donate money to a project that builds schools for children in an  economically depressed country.

I thought for a while and asked: "Will those schools show our children the beauty of cooperation and the dangers of  unconscionable competition? Compassion instead of reckless consumption"? Will they teach our children how killing is not just a matter of taking a life but also of stealing  an opportunity to live with dignity?  Will they live conscious that each  human being ultimately impacts everyone and everything else?
Our world is the way it is now largely because of what and how we've been taught.


-- Ariel Murphy


  1. I think a paradigm shifted is needed. And your blog could be a manifesto for that change.

  2. Well stated. Seems like our "free choice" is directed by others from an early age, be it prejudice, name it, from parents to teachers. Life experiences seem to be the best teachers. Good blog, Ariel !