Saturday, May 11, 2013

Play by Your Heart: A Guest Blog by Paul Porter

One of my fellow volunteers brought a container of Dove Bliss chocolate pieces to our gathering yesterday.

In less than 30 seconds, I was indulging my chocolate craving with craven disregard for social propriety.

Gloria, our pot belly pig, watched my behavior with dismay and disgust.

 In a vain attempt to make it appear that I had at least some semblance of control over my chocolate addiction, I would take a few seconds to ponder the pithy quote on the inside of the wrapper.  It's fair to say I had at least two dozen quotes to challenge and inspire me.

 I don't necessarily believe that life is all about the winners and the losers, but somehow I always end up picking one.  

 And for me, this quote is the winner :

"Forget about the rules, and play by your heart"

 - Paul Porter



"Ariel's Note:  Paul Porter is "a peripatetic pilgrim...eclectic, didactic, but not pedantic...a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction.  He began his journey on a dairy farm in Kansas, and now rests his head in Pele's fiery bosom on the Big Island of Hawaii.  He's always looking forward to tomorrow and the new things tomorrow will bring. "  


  1. Thanks for allowing me to make a guest appearance! Beautiful graphic, btw!