Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cycles: A Guest Blog by Soul Dancer

Cycles, seasons, reasons and lore
wash waves of lessons upon our shores
each day, decade our wisdom wakes
with each sound, sight, touch and taste.

We learn, laugh, love and grow,
each time we stop to listen, to know
how to leap or when to root
flights of fancy turn blossoms to fruit.

Birthdays, holidays, all annual flares
may we warp humor with a wefts of care
to weave starts with stops, softs with bolds
do memories make, and glories foretold.

Cycle of Life painting by Samina Islam

Ariel's Note: Soul Dancer lives in Hilo, Hawaii. He enjoys a unique birth name and a life as a private spiritual teacher, coach, key-note speaker, live-talk radio show host and syndicated columnist. Soul is the Founder of Soul University and author of Pay Me What I’m Worth. His life journey includes earning a masters in social work and a bachelors in human relationships from the University of Minnesota. His travels take him to 20+ countries to receive training and offer teaching as a social worker, monk and shaman. He enjoys living and teaching how to live a culturally competent, spiritually awake and aware life. For more information about Soul Dancer and his advocacies and work please click on the following link:

- Ariel Murphy

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  1. Thanks for sharing Soul's poetry with us, Ariel! He certainly has a gift.