Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Tummy Test

I've often wondered why my friend's cat likes to sleep on top of my belly.  Not that I mind. But imagine the feel of a 20-pound cat suddenly descending on that sensitive part while you sleep.  Why does it head straight for the stomach and not the legs or arms?

I searched the web looking for a rational study of some kind. Instead I found a variety of "practical"  answers from cat lovers.

The softness and warmth of the stomach make a cat feel safe. I can imagine that.

Sleeping on a human's stomach is a sign of feline affection. That's an idea.

The cat detects if there is a stomach problem and sleeps on the tummy to "heal" it. Now that's really interesting.

But I have a nagging feeling. Could it be  that a cat sleeping on my belly is an indication that my "abs" needs workouts?

Just wondering.

  - Ariel Murphy


  1. Imagine Ikaika sleeping on my tummy! OMG!

    1. He already sleeps with you. He just might sleep on your tummy one day. And then you'll know he's trying to tell you something. haha! Thanks for your comment!