Monday, January 21, 2013

Losing is Everything (A Guest Blog by Mitchell Hegman)

Sometimes, I think we are so busy always trying to win that we forget the beauty of merely competing with grace and the grace in losing well.  We presently live in a world of Lance Armstrong doping to gain a few seconds on up-hill climbs and baseball players taking anabolic steroids in hopes of lifting a baseball over the fence
Everyone strives for the record books.  Nothing else will do.

Thankfully another side of sports exists.  One of my favorite stories is from a Special Olympics event in Washington State many years ago. 

During a running event, one of the contestants took a tumble. Two other runners, seeing the third runner in distress, stopped and ran back to help the fallen runner.  After a few assurances, all three runners locked arms and crossed the finish line in last place as one. 

--Mitchell Hegman


  1. Thanks for allowing me a spot, Ariel Murphy! I like the picture.


    1. My pleasure Mitchell Hegman. The story was beautiful and well-written.

    2. The story happened in Spokane, Washington in 1976 during the Special Olympics for the mentally and physically disabled.

  2. nice
    now whatever Vitamin Lance Armstrong was taking,,, I WANT SOME hahahah

  3. no one loses what they dont have.
    only the illusion is lost.
    thatz a win.