Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I was a terrible child. My tendency to frequently ask "why" or "how" exasperated my father. I  was sure. He never showed displeasure though every time I asked. Instead, he merely answered my questions the best he could. Or at least  he offered whatever he could to keep me quiet.

The Terrible Child became an adult. Like the child, the adult drove some crazy. Two ex'es (and maybe another forthcoming) are still  down on their backs, screaming, tearing their hair off, and kicking their legs up in the air at an imaginary Ariel. 

They look like they might have gone insane.

Now please don't mistake my sharing Terrible Child with you as a warning. Never ever worry about being bugged. In addition to gagging Terrible Child, I've had a Restraining Order served against her.

But for now, here is Ariel with a question really heavy on her mind.

If you were a firm believer in randomness and  in the absence of order in the universe why would you even look for a meaning in life?

The "Identity of Meaning" Source:

Postscript: Don't you think that the picture above more than eloquently portrays the meaning of meaning?

Sigh!  I really thought the gag would work.

- Ariel Murphy


  1. the rose with perhaps one thorn underneath on the mast.
    this is the BEST blog i have ever read. i am serious that i feel that way.
    much truth is said in a gag.
    What is WILL BE.!!!
    and dont worry about the order in the universe sweet ariel.
    i will take command.
    ~bob zito

  2. Good One...Yes, the picture does portray "the meaning of meaning" and it's subsequent questions, but don't let it weigh too heavily on your mind :-). Looking for "anything" is part of just being and existing :-).

    1. Wise and true Pete! Thank you. But how do you know you found or not found what you're looking for? But even if I still don't have the answers, and probably never will, I continue to dance like an idiot. :)

    2. My Heart usually lets me know - one way or the other - sometimes, too late though, when my Mind gets in the way :-)

    3. The mind always gets in the way Pete! But to quote the French Mathematician Pascal: "The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of."

  3. A rose, whether with a thorn underneath, and by any other name would still be sweet (to paraphrase The Great Bard). What is important is that the boat has a rose sail. Imagine a sailboat without a sail in the middle of an ocean. The boat would merely drift, aimless and courseless. I wrote the blog to find answers. And I'm still looking for them. Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it.

  4. WOWWWWW you are so smart and there is much i can still answer for you.