Friday, January 4, 2013

Definitely Not a Hat

Niele, which means "inquisitive" in Hawaiian,  is a blue-eyed 45 pound 2-year old  Catahoula and Border Collie mix.  As  most dogs tend to be, Niele is terrified of firecrackers, especially on new year's eve, when residents of the Big Island in Hawaii punctuated year-end with the loudest, brightest and longest-running fireworks they can lay their hands on. 

Attempting to escape from the din of new year's eve, Niele scampered around her master's house like a chicken without a head trying her best to fit into the smallest spaces she could find.

After several unsuccessful tries, Niele decided  that her master's lap was her safest haven. 

But not for long.
As midnight neared,  the noise  from the firecrackers became even louder. Extremely agitated,  Niele tried to climb from her master's lap to the top of her master's head. 

Alas for poor Niele, her master decided that although he loves her dearly and  while it was okay for her to be a huge lapdog, it  was just not possible for a dog to be a hat -- not even for new year's eve.

Photo of Niele I took in July 2012
- Ariel Murphy

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